2016 Ford Thunderbird Concept and Release Date - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Thunderbird is informed that the company will redesign this car to come back in the market soon. Before, the car had 11 production generations and at this time the question is about the concept that people are expecting to see. We also still wonder about the new model that will be offered and will be placed. Moreover, 2016 Thunderbird is totally expected that the car could be launched soon.2016 Ford Thunderbird is totally recognizable since it is designed as two-door coupe and it will offer nice solution for the buyers. It is said that the company will give a new concept to make it a bit different from the current model. Moreover, the concept will be built for the same principle as the Volvo Taurus model and it is designed with longer wheelbase than the predecessor. There is a big possibility that the car has longer front end than before in order to give its current characteristic. It is also adapted for contemporary model. Speaking about the exterior design, it would be a unique car with large grille and logo that is from the predecessor.2016 Ford Thunderbird when it comes to the cabin, it is still a big mystery. It is said that the interior will give more different look compared to the previous model. For the concept, the new models are designed from the combination of aluminum, leather, fiber and wood. In this case, there is no detailed information. It is only reported that the car is ready to come with spacious cabin to give new technology. However, it is still hard to believe that the company will have special offer around the software and features that is also used by the current Ford’s model.

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2015 Ford Pantera Review - Ford Cars Review

2015 Ford Pantera is expected to come as hybrid SUV car that will go with much better styling compared to the current model. The main prior for the company is about dealing with the fuel effectiveness to make it much more acceptable than before. We glad to know that the company will highlight it with some interesting features such as the excellent motors, the sports suspension tuning, the redesigned MyFord Touch Infotainment framework and much more. It is also interesting that some reliable sources mentioned that 2015 Pantera could get the force liftgate so it could open and close.2015 Ford Pantera has been rumored by some reliable sites that the car will go with European style. It has fun figure that will make this car has simple but excellent design. It is not surprising if the company does this thing in order to keep its current reputation that makes the car as the best-driving minimal SUV. For its appearance, it is totally has new sports design to deal with the street behavior. The car has smaller hybrid but there will be a lot of things added by the company to make it much more different from the previous model. At the first sight, the car has sleeker look that will provide less space for passengers yet the front seats are thin, not firm. One thing that you should note is about its better wider storage capacity so you could take all goods you want to bring during your ride. Moreover, some upgraded features are presented such as the Bluetooth with sound streaming support, satellite radio and HD, pushbutton begin, route framework and much more for 2015 Ford Pantera.2015 Ford Pantera has been considered to go with three motors which is Ecoboost motor 2.0 liter in order to produce 240 horsepower. This way makes the car runs smooth that under eight seconds, it could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. The base model will go with 2.5 liter motor engine even though it does not look too special. With three motors, the company will pair it with 6-pace programmed transmission and it is supported by manual movement control, FWD or AWD. With the towing capacity for about 3,500 pounds, it needs Ecoboost motor 2.0 liter to support its performance.

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New 2015 Ford GT40 Price and Specs - Ford Cars Review

2015 Ford GT40 will be launched as the new car that is built by Ford. It is mentioned that this car will go with futuristic design and its performance is quite muscular. It is one of the cars that you should look forward to. As we know that Ford is the popular automotive maker to create this new super sport car. Its design will be renewed to make it much more different from the current model. 2015 GT40 surely is coming out with excellent performance and its impressive look is quite futuristic.2015 Ford GT40 is quite possible to go with V8 Eco Boost engine 5 liter in order to generate the power for about 420 hp. It is also possible to see GT model that is supported with V6 Eco boost engine 3.5 liter to produce 400 horsepower. Hybrid engine is also expected with supercharged V8 engine to produce 600 horsepower. The weight of hybrid goes for about 1500 kilos so that in only 3 seconds the car could hit 60 mph while 200 mph will be the top speed.One thing that you should know about the hybrid model is the same specification as GT model. 2015 Ford GT40 is available with complete information that you could check it anytime. About GT model, there will be a nice combination of turbocharging engine and direct injection. Although the company does not provide fuel-cell technology as Honda provides, of course this car is still considered as the powerful car.

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2016 Ford Galaxy - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Galaxy may surprise again to the United States market is scheduled for next year. Said, and MPV is to be introduced in the 2015 New York Auto Show. Of course, because this is the first time that the Galaxy comes to the United States, there is no doubt that it will come with some new features and fresh? 2016 Ford Galaxy re-designs, so that the release of a new generation MPV is a great opportunity to introduce this to the American public. Galaxy 2016 is also the largest and equipped with several engine is very fuel-efficient. No other market sectors in which the result of the fuel economy and the Environmental Protection Agency has taken more cautiously than MPV market niche. In addition, that may lead to speculation that the 2016 Galaxy, despite the fact that manufacturers have many powerful engines, may come with factories that are not very strong. If the rumors about Galaxy powertrain are true, this MPV may get a best diesel engine option.Galaxy Exterior Is RedesignedAppearance in the 2016 Galaxy changed was not a surprise the outer part of the old MPV and purses. Work on the new generation of spark the imagination of designers and abroad until a new contemporary, but also fun and exciting. It still must be recognized Ford typical design language to a certain extent, but it also works on the Galaxy track with more freedom. The front end of the new Ford Galaxy get grille typical and lights clear. The overall look of this MPV is a stylish and dynamic. 2016 Ford Galaxy will be based on the same platform as the Ford Fusion, it becomes even greater. The new platform offers the largest in the area, so the rest of the cabin, although the secret now, will be improved. After that you know what is the nature and purpose of these compounds we can expect a lot of equipment and outstanding safety.

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The New 2016 Ford Ranger USA, Diesel, Specs - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Ranger will eventually get re more appropriate and necessary design. This famous small truck was under Big Brother and F-150 for a very long time, and eventually you will get the treatment as appropriate. a new model Will release in two years, although it may be available more quickly, perhaps by the end of next year. Ranger 2016 will bring many changes that will surely satisfy you. Although the information on the re-design is simple, and there are a lot of rumors and speculation about this transformation. To begin with, the new model may get a new title. It is still uncertain whether it will be called the new model 2016 Ford Ranger will be named or 2016 Ford F-100. Both Smart Solutions: The first maintains the tradition and reputation of the truck, while others suggested just what to expect.2016 Ford Ranger Redesign Exterior and Interior 2016 Ford Ranger will have a new and updated abroad. The new model will come with a slightly smaller body, which has seen a bit compact and powerful. In addition, most of the parts of the body will be made of lightweight materials, so that the model will be graceful and precise and with the economy in a wonderful fuel. In addition, the new 2016 Ranger have some similarities with the F-150, but the automaker will try our best to organize separate trucks, at least when the emergence around. The new Ranger will be much smaller, with a different design cues to finish the performance. In addition, the model brings a dash of elegance and strength, with elements of each of the combination between the front and the threat of the interface. The truck will be the ability to be in accordance with the class. It is said that the new model has the ability to pull 3,000 pounds, while the payload is 1000 pounds.

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2016 Ford Super Duty Trucks - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Super Duty Redesign2016 Ford Super Duty at this time is coming with more pickup models in totally new look and will be outfitted with ultra-modern aluminum body panels. The car not only has monster power but its greater strength is around the capability and also the easy control. Ford is currently using more magnesium in the manufacturing of their cars and trucks than any other automaker. In addition to the aluminum suspension components and body panels, the steering system parts and various radiator parts are made using magnesium. new 2016 Ford Super Duty has aggressive look which is better than the current model. The easy control and high performance feature in this car will give you the benefit. That is why you deserve to wait the car instead of buying the current model if you need high-speed and easy control 2016 Ford Super Duty.2016 Ford Super Duty Specs

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2016 Ford Fusion - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Fusion Exterior and InteriorExterior of 2016 Ford Fusion will be quite improved as the front has pointed LED headlights, well-built grille, automatic wipers, alloy wheels and striking bumpers. The rear end will have the taillights updated to match its bold rear bumper. Any changes are hidden by the camouflage, but it appears as though the Fusion’s Aston grille design will remain. Interestingly, the Fusion’s front doors lose their small quarter windows, but that’s the most obvious visible change on this prototype. Interior of 2016 Ford Fusion will get a huge makeover. As compared to previous models, the upcoming model will be a bit wider. new Ford Fusion will have comfortable and wide seats for passengers and driver. The dashboard gets an all-new, flat-top design, and the steering wheel is new. The center stack still houses the MyFord Touch touch-screen infotainment setup, and this prototype also has the Fusion’s optional screen-heavy gauge cluster.Powertrain Update of 2016 Ford Fusion

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2016 Ford Focus RS - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Focus RS Exterior2016 Ford Focus RS will have a very attractive design. The model will come with five doors, since the company decided not to produce any more models with three doors. In addition, the new hatchback will have a similar design to the one seen on the regular Focus, only it will be enhanced and more modern. As is clear from these spy photos, Ford RS will more specifically be spun off the Focus ST, albeit with clear visual and functional differences. The ST has two center-exit exhaust outlets with a shared stylized tip, this RS mule gets two wide-set outlets. The wheels are one inch larger in diameter than 18, and they sit in front of massive brakes. Up front, what appears to simply be elaborate camouflage loosely covers a more or less wide-open front end designed to funnel massive amounts of air to the radiator and intercooler.2016 Ford Focus RS Interior

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2016 Ford Escape - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Escape Exterior2016 Ford Escape will be designed as a modern SUV with good features and nice design .The elegant line will provide good aerodynamics while the body will be made of quality materials. new Ford It should not be much different than the current model but must be streamlined. It is planned a three-part front grille and slim but very functional headlights. As with many of today’s cars should be represented LED lights. On the roof will be installed chrome roof rack and roof spoiler with light signals. The rear part will be characterized with large LED lights and two chrome exhaust pipes. One on each side. it was restored and exterior color palette and the redesign of existing aluminum wheels.2016 Ford Escape Interior

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2016 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Platform and Features2016 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor will use the same platform as the regular F-150. Its new body will be made out of lightweight materials and it will have a steel ladder-frame as before. The prototype pictured here wears the 2015 F-150’s aluminum crew cab, but marries that part with the current-generation Raptor’s front clip and (presumably steel) pickup bed. Of course, the pieces could merely be stand-ins to accommodate the truck’s wider track and beefy tires. There are those who worry this will affect the model’s performance and durability in the first place, but the engineers who work on it say there is no reason to fear. If Ford can show the SVT truck is capable of taking a beating in spite of its aluminum mix—and perhaps even link the truck’s assumed weight loss with enhanced performance—it could have quite the marketing coup. Material choice aside, look for the Raptor to continue packing a raised suspension, unique shocks, and big tires.2016 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Engine

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2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT550 - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Mustang Concept2016 Ford Mustang is quite promising to be designed with a unique balance for its weight which thankfully it is offered. There is a report that the car will get a new rear-drive platform which is under the development called “S550”. An independent rear suspension will be presented. From the spy photo, there was a carbon-ceramic brake rotor which is placed through the front wheel. At its rear part, there is a rear discs which are crafted from steel so that it provides a new look. What we caught from the spy photo is the car is on a heavy camouflaged concept especially around its front. With it, of course we have a strong belief that there will be a big surprise around its front especially its headlights and taillights and bumpers for 2016 Mustang. In light of some recent interior spy shots we can safely say that the 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 will be sporting the similar vintage steering wheel as its 2014 predecessor, which unifies an old school look with modern day functionality. Keeping with the theme, it will also feature a cue-ball shift knob for the manual transmission and a similarly retro tachometer. Some other notable things include the high-backed racing-style Recaro leather seats with fixed head restraints and rather plain audio system.2016 Ford Mustang Engine

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2016 Ford Explorer Sport Redesign and Release date - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Explorer Redesign2016 Ford Explorer won’t likely look much different from the current model and should continue to offer seven-passenger seating. Photos of recent Explorer prototypes suggest a stronger, squarer front end with narrow headlamps, a wide-slatted grille and more angular LED taillamps. 2016 Ford Explorer will almost certainly use aluminum in its body panels to help reduce overall weight. Ford used the expensive, lightweight metal to shed around 700 pounds from the forthcoming F-150 pickup. The Explorer won’t lose that much mass, but even 200 or 300 fewer pounds should help deliver impressive gains at the pump.2016 Ford Explorer Engine

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2016 Ford Explorer Sport, Specs and Redesign - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Explorer Sport, Specs and Redesign. The 2016 Ford Explorer gets a significant refresh, with smoother bodywork, an improved feature set, quieter interiors, and a stronger, more widely available 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder joining the lineup.

But that’s not all. Over the nearly 25 years that the Explorer has been sold (2016 marks that anniversary), it’s gradually moved on up, from being a rather basic, family-oriented rugged wagon to one that today feels more sophisticated and, in some of its equipment levels, feels like it could have a luxury badge. With the 2016 Explorer, Ford is at last maximizing that potential with the introduction of a new Explorer Platinum model.The modern SUV has many fathers, the Chevrolet Suburban and Jeep Cherokee among them, but the Ford Explorer can take credit for making these new American station wagons mainstream throughout the ’90s.

Nearly 25 years later, the 2016 Ford Explorer will remain an essential part of any family SUV search.Nearly every other crossover and SUV in Ford’s lineup has been significantly redesigned or updated since 2013 see Escape, Edge, and Expedition and now it’s the Explorer’s turn. Competitors like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Durango, and Nissan Pathfinder are all fresher, too, as the Explorer hasn’t received much attention since its introduction for the 2011 model year. The 2016 update will go a long way toward maintaining Ford’s seat at the table in one of the industry’s largest and most profitable segments.

This model is definitely one of the company’s most recognizable models. It was originally launched in 1990 and it is considered as one of the most popular SUVs in United States. There have been five generations so far and next year we are going to see sixth one. It will come as 2016 Ford Explorer and it is expected that this SUV will be presented on next LA Auto Show.

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2017 Ford Escape Redesign and Release - Ford Cars Review

Regardless of the constant growth of sales of Escape models, face-lifted version is needed to keep it fresh. Only in the year 2012, Ford has sold 261,008 copies of this crossover SUV. This model is two years later reached a sales volume of 306.212 copies. Does Ford really need to hurry to change the Escape model? It can not hurt him, just like the carmaker, because it does not require additional costs.Masked prototype 2017 Ford Escape is enabled, an insight into the changes in mid-cycle model. The interior and final range of powertrains, for now will remain a secret! Still set to front-wheel drive platform, everything in it is very subject to change. Great influence on promotion within the exterior design changes had updated Edge and current Fusion. The 2017 Ford Escape got a new grille, updated HID headlights with LED daytime running lights, lower air intakes. The fog lights are remained, covered with camouflage, so it is expected the change in their appearance. The last portion of the vehicle has passed through the redesign process in terms of a different-looking taillights. The prototype still has a dual exhaust outlets, which points to the selection power units, but not on the final appearance of the exhaust system.

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